Press release

Microsoft Office 365 Connector

Tools4ever connects to Microsoft Office 365 for automated user management

Automatic creation, modification and removal of user accounts in Office 365

Tools4ever, the market leader in solutions for Identity & Access Management (IdM), has developed a connector for the cloud application of Microsoft Office 365. The connector between Tools4ever's User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) and Office 365 makes it possible to manage the online version of Office. Based on information from the Active Directory, a personnel system (SAP, PeopleSoft, ADP etc.), or a request from a manager (Web-based workflow/self-service), UMRA can automatically create, change or remove user accounts, e-mailboxes, groups and roles in Office 365 and also reset passwords, rename users and license users for specific components of the package. It's also possible to synchronize a password change carried out in Active Directory for the correct user account within Office 365.

UMRA offers the ability to retrieve information from Microsoft Office 365 and to update it back to Active Directory. Thanks to this automatic connection, the administrative burden for system and application managers is significantly reduced because it is no longer necessary to perform these tasks manually. End-users also benefit from the short fulfillment times for availability of the user account in Microsoft Office 365.

By default, UMRA has a large number of connectors to manage user accounts (authentication) and rights (authorizations) in systems and applications. Alongside the standard connectors, SAP, Salesforce.com, Active Directory, and Exchange; UMRA also has the ability to connect generically based on CSV, ODBC, TXT, SOAP, and XML files amongst others. To date Tools4ever has developed more than 140 different connectors for a wide variety of clients. In addition to the newly released connector for Office 365, the organization continues to develop more connectors based on market demands.

Alongside management of user accounts of on-site applications, Tools4ever has extensive experience in managing applications which are not hosted within an organization's network. Cloud applications have long been used in educational institutions, which is why this is a market for which Tools4ever has traditionally offered broad support. Frequently used applications in this segment include GoogleApps, Live@Edu, PowerSchool, Moodle, BlackBoard and Focus.