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New version of Tools4ever’s password reset solution meets highest security standards

New version of Tools4ever’s password reset solution meets highest security standards

Tools4ever, a market leader in identity governance and administration (IGA), has released a new version of Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM). This latest version features a complete rebuild of the graphical user interface, allowing users to benefit from a new intuitive web interface and desktop client.

SSRPM now also supports two-factor authentication during the enrolment process. During this task users optionally enter a PIN number -- sent by email or SMS -- to authenticate themselves. The latest password reset solution has been audited by a leading consultancy agency, and meets the highest security standards.

Other new features developed for extra security include:

  • Re-authentication with login credentials at the start of the enrolment process
  • Password change events are no longer logged in the database                 
  • A new Captcha library
  • Multiple email addresses are no longer permitted when validating an email

For security, the original ASP web pages have now been rebuilt with C#/ASP.NET and the solution is compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). The look and feel of the user interface can also be easily configured and modified to suit the organisation’s needs.

Robert Doswell, Managing Director of Tools4ever Ltd, comments: “The new graphical interface is the key to the user-friendly nature of our software, and we have devoted a great deal of time to developing this aspect. Our SSRPM software occupies a central area in the network because it communicates with Active Directory, as such we have had our software tested against a variety of security risks. We can assure our clients that our solution is guaranteed to be secure in their network environments.”

With Self Service Reset Password Management, end-users can reset their own Active Directory passwords by answering a number of challenge questions, such as “In which town or city did you meet your spouse?” or “Where was your oldest child born?” The “Forgot my password” button is integrated in the Windows login screen. With one click, the end user can open SSRPM and can reset their own password, which eases the workload of the Service Desk.

 For more information about SSRPM and all its features please click here.