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Tools4ever Develops Connector with Microsoft Lync

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity & Access Management (IdM) solutions, has developed a connector for the enterprise instant messenger application - Microsoft Lync (previously Microsoft Office Communicator).

The connector drastically simplifies the management of user accounts and access privileges by eliminating the need for manual, error-prone procedures. Tools4ever's Identity and Access Management suite including UMRA (User Management Resource Administrator) allows user management actions to be performed in Microsoft Lync based on data from any source system. For instance, a Lync user is created when a new employee is added to the HR system. It is also possible to disable a Lync user when the employee in question leaves the company.

Besides enabling and disabling user accounts in Microsoft Lync, it is possible to configure a host of settings for Lync users based on information from the source system, such as setting a phone number for Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging. It is also possible to retrieve information from Lync for various reporting purposes, such as a list of Lync users including their status, phone number, rights and/or Lync group, or to select a group of Lync users based on their location specified in Active Directory.

Since these actions are performed without the need for intervention or manual procedures by systems administrators, valuable time can be saved and errors can be prevented.

In many cases, UMRA is deployed for the day-to-day management of user accounts in Active Directory. However, alongside this, UMRA also offers connectors for handling user management in various other systems, including facility management, content management, email and helpdesk systems.

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