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A new solution for telephonic client identification

Tools4ever UK introduces new solution for telephonic client identification

Confirming a client easily and securely using Helpdesk Caller ID Verification

Tools4ever, a market leader in solutions for Identity & Access Management (IdM), has introduced a new tool for Helpdesk client identification. For most organisations it's fundamental to ensure that the person calling the Helpdesk is actually who they say they are, when it comes to critical issues such as granting access to files, email boxes or assigning rights to applications. In practice though, this is often very time-consuming and to speed things up, identification of the caller is often skipped. With Tools4ever's Helpdesk Caller ID Verification it's possible to confirm the caller's identity over the phone. The software requires Helpdesk staff to fill in random characters from answers to security questions answered earlier by the caller.

Helpdesk Caller ID Verification can be used as an add-on with Tools4ever's Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM) solution. Helpdesk Caller ID Verification works as follows: every end-user or client has answered a number of personal questions upon enrolling with the SSRPM solution. For example: "In which city was your first employer?" or "What is the middle name of your oldest child?" When the end-user calls the Helpdesk with a request, their questions are displayed on the Helpdesk assistant's screen. The Helpdesk assistant is not given access to the answers, but can see the number of characters each answer requires.

The software asks for certain random characters to be filled in, for example the characters in the third and eighth positions. The Helpdesk assistant asks the caller which characters must be inserted in the requested positions. After entering the correct characters the caller's identification is completed and the request can be processed further by the Helpdesk assistant.

Robert Doswell, Managing Director of Tools4ever UK says: "Amongst other things, our Identity & Access Management solutions are deployed by organisations to streamline the user account management process and for authentication management. The Helpdesk is often responsible for simple user management tasks, i.e. creating new user accounts or resetting passwords. For security reasons it's necessary to establish the identity of the end-user, but in practice this often doesn't happen. Given our experience in authentication management, it was a logical step for us to develop this solution."

Companies that already use Self Service Reset Password Management (SSRPM), can use Helpdesk Caller ID Verification as an additional module.