Press Release

Tools4ever's Cloud SSO solution - HelloID - allows end users to login to their Google Chromebooks with AD Credentials

HelloID Introduces Active Directory Login for Google Chromebook

Tools4ever, a market leader in identity governance and administration (IGA), has integrated their HelloID solution with Google Chromebook. HelloID is a cloud-based portal that allows end users easy and safe access to cloud applications on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop via Single Sign-On.

A Google Chromebook is a laptop device aimed at users who work with web applications. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system. The default login on a Chromebook utilises an end user's Google account credentials. HelloID makes it possible to instead login with their Active Directory account, allowing for one less set of credentials that need to be remembered by the end user.

HelloID allows the IT department to gain full control over access to applications, dramatically increasing security. With HelloID the organisation can easily impose stricter guidelines for credentials, it also allows access to be granted or taken away with one click. Furthermore, all user actions can be logged ensuring compliance requirements are met.

Authentication is handled by an identity provider, such as Active Directory, ADFS, or LDAP. HelloID not only handles the authentication, but also creates one portal for all Single Sign-On applications. This benefits the end user as they are able to work more efficiently with only one, clearly defined portal in which all necessary applications are available immediately after logging in just once.

"Google Chromebooks are a very convenient solution for users who mainly use web applications, such as students and employees on the go," comments Robert Doswell, Managing Director of Tools4ever, Ltd. "Our Single Sign-On solution HelloID is a perfect addition, as the user only needs to log on once to have immediate access to all web applications no matter where they are."