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Create lesson groups automatically in Google Classroom with new version of Google Apps connector

Create lesson groups automatically in Google Classroom with new version of Google Apps connector

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), has further expanded its application connector for Google Apps and now supports Google Classroom. This makes it possible to use source information (e.g. from an HR system or school information system) to create lesson groups automatically in Google Classroom, and to add or remove students. A teacher can then be added to a lesson group as its manager. Alongside this feature the Google Apps connector offers a range of possibilities to manage user accounts automatically and fully in Google Apps.

For downstream provisioning (managing user accounts in a variety of business applications),  Tools4ever has developed connectors for a range of business applications, including helpdesk, email, ERP and ECM systems as well as healthcare and various educational systems. The connector for Google Apps has been available for several years, and until recently focused on managing user accounts in Google Apps. Now, IAM – Tools4ever’s Identity Management solution can create, change and remove user accounts in Google Apps using source information as well as performing password resets for user accounts, and adding attributes to accounts.

Alongside managing user accounts in Google Apps, IAM can create group or distribution lists and can add users to them. This is particularly useful in education, where classes or lesson groups are created. IAM can also now add Google Apps rights to groups automatically.   

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the Google Apps for Education Suite. With Google Classroom, teachers can organise and distribute assignments more easily. They can also use it to give students feedback. Deploying Google Classroom gives teachers more time to deliver lessons, and it also means the learning process is improved for students.

For more information about downstream provisioning and the application connectors Tools4ever offers, see: https://www.tools4ever.co.uk/software/iam-identity-and-access-management-software/connectors/