Press release

Cisco UCM Connector

Automated user management available with Cisco UCM thanks to UMRA

Tools4ever has developed a connector for Cisco Unified Communications Manager for processing (VOIP) telephone traffic.

Tools4ever, a market leader in solutions for Identity & Access Management (IdM), has developed a connector for Cisco Unified Communications Manager (UCM, formerly known as CallManager), for processing (VOIP) telephone traffic. It enables UMRA (Tools4ever's User Management Resource Administrator solution) to automatically manage users, telephone handsets and hunt groups within Cisco, based on information from the HR system. For example, when a new employee starts, Tools4ever's UMRA application automatically creates an individual card in UCM and a telephone number is assigned. Users or user groups are also modified or deleted automatically when any details change in the HR system.

Thanks to the link, UMRA is also able to delegate this type of task to the helpdesk. Using a form the helpdesk can choose from a selection of existing numbers and groups. When entering the user in Cisco UCM, UMRA can check whether the user already exists which avoids duplication. The solution can also be used to specify certain criteria, for example, that administrators can only manage handsets/users from their own region, etc.

Managing telephone handsets, users and hunt groups is very often the responsibility of one department or member of staff. This department or individual is seldom promptly notified about staff changes (employees joining or leaving the company). The consequence is that telephones are not linked to new employees as quickly as they should be, and former employees are not removed from the call manager. The UMRA connector with Cisco UCM eliminates these issues as all updates are done automatically.

In many cases, UMRA is deployed for the day-to-day management of user accounts in order to manage constant personnel changes, such as new starters, employees changing role and leavers. With UMRA, those responsible for user management can use electronic forms to manage accounts and safely delegate the task to less qualified staff. Alongside the basic management of user accounts in the Active Directory, UMRA is also able to use (standard) connectors to manage users within other systems.

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