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Tools4ever introduces IDaaS cloud solution: HelloID

Tools4ever introduces IDaaS cloud solution: HelloID

HelloID combined with E-SSOM offers 100% Single Sign-On

Tools4ever, a market leader in Identity Governance & Administration (IGA), is introducing an Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) cloud solution - HelloID. End-users can now enjoy the Single Sign-On (SSO) experience inside as well as outside the corporate network. By logging in just once, end-users gain easy access to cloud applications on their smartphones, tablets and/or laptops from any location. The arrival of HelloID means users outside of an organisation's corporate network can log in quickly and easily with any device they choose.

Application dashboard HelloID on iPhoneHelloID can be offered to the end-user in a number of ways, namely through Tools4ever's HelloID portal, or integrated seamlessly in the organisation's portal or extranet. Once logged in to the portal, the end-user will see an overview of all the cloud applications he or she may access, and can open them without needing to log in again.

"The greatest frustration amongst users is that they constantly have to enter a username and password to log into the multitude of applications they use each day," notes Robert Doswell, Managing Director of Tools4ever, Ltd. "This often leads to security issues as employees tend to write down their passwords. For years Tools4ever has been offering a solution to these issues with Enterprise Single Sign On Manager (E-SSOM), which reduces the user's many passwords to just one. Now with HelloID the same can be achieved for an end user's cloud applications."

Tools4ever offers a broad range of preconfigured connectors for cloud applications, including Salesforce, Google Apps, and Office 365. System administrators can also easily add applications to the portal if needed. HelloID has a wide range of interfaces to perform authentication against external directory services, such SAML, LDAP, AD, and SQL databases.

More information about HelloID and its features.